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Considering taking up a new hobby? Why not try an adrenaline fuelled day at Delta Karting. Our team have compiled a beginner’s guide below which will equip you with the information needed to have a safe and enjoyable race around one of our two fantastic rally inspired indoor tracks!

What to Wear

Being comfortable is important when racing; so, we recommend wearing comfortable casual or athletic clothing and footwear. 

Our team will provide full racing gear prior to racing including; helmets, gloves and race jackets or race suits.

We have lockers on our premises where you can lock away any valuables, bags or jackets. It can get quite hot on the track so please bear this in mind when choosing the clothing you will wear. 

‘Your Safety is Our Priority’ at Delta Karting, so we have certain items of clothing that are not permitted on track. These are as follows:


What to Expect

Upon arrival you will be required to check in at reception and watch a comprehensive safety briefing which will provide you with the rules and signals of the track as well as how to operate the go kart. After the video, you will return to reception where you will be kitted out to race!

A member of our marshal team will quickly recap the main safety instructions and ensure you are comfortable in your race gear before assigning you to your kart.

Sitting into the Kart

Place one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the back of the seat. Place your right foot into the seat first, followed by your left and then use your left foot to apply the brake as you sit down. This ensures the kart does not rock back and forth as you try to sit down. 

The seats and pedals are fully adjustable. The track marshal will make sure you can comfortably reach the pedals and steering wheel, so you can fully enjoy your Delta Karting experience.


How to Drive a Go Kart

Sit comfortably - Posture and positioning play a key role in performance as they affect handling and speed. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your back flat against the seat and grip the steering wheel with your hands. Using your right foot to press the accelerator pedal will start moving the kart forward. You should only keep the kart moving at a speed that you feel you are comfortable and in control. Sharp braking can really slow you down due to lost traction. So, please familiarise yourself with the brake pedal before you get too confident with fast speeds, especially when taking the corners and entering the pit lane. Gently applying your left foot to the brake pedal will slow you down and allow you to keep control of the kart when making turns. When the session is over, reduce the speed of the kart and return to the pits at a walking pace. Smooth and consistent speeds are the trick to keeping the momentum going around the track.  Keeping the kart straight as much as you can will allow you to keep up your speed and record those fast laps’ times! Keep a safe distance from the barriers and from other drivers. This will help to avoid any unnecessary bangs and help keep your momentum going.   Remember to treat your first couple of laps as practice, get to know your kart, get a feel for its power and speed and give your tyres a chance to warm up. Your first lap should be steady, so don't get confident with fast speeds until you know you can control the kart. Our Get to Know Your Kart guide is useful for figuring out the basics.


As a beginner, it is important that you listen to everything our race team tells you. They want to help you and ensure you have a fun and safe karting experience. If you encounter a problem while you are racing, raise your hand to alert a member of the marshal team or return to the pits if possible. If you cannot return to the pits for whatever reason, pull to the side of the track where it is safe to stop and avoid any contact with other karts.  The marshal will be able to help you as soon as they can.

Getting the Hang of it?

After a couple of laps, you should be feeling comfortable and confident. Once you know you can control the kart, build up your speed because it is time to get those quick laps in! Don’t be too cocky though, as even the best drivers have accidents so make sure to avoid contact with barriers and other karts.

The End

Once your time has elapsed the red lights will light up around the track and the marshal will direct you into the pit lane using the flags. Remember to slow down to a walking pace and use your brakes upon entering the pit lane. Do not crash into the kart in front as you could damage the kart or hurt the person sitting in it. At the end of your experience you will be able to analyse your performance with printed lap times which will show you how quick you were able to get around and how close you were to beating the track record best lap. Our marshal team will be happy to help you analyse the results and see who gets that number one spot on the podium!

If you are interested in giving karting a go and showing up your friends, family or colleagues, be sure to book in advance to get your preferred slot and avoid disappointment! Bookings can be made on our website, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning our bookings line on (061) 603 603 where a member of the team will be happy to help.



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An Excellent Time

"We had a great time there as part of our stag weekend. Many thanks to Sean and Dillon who ensured we were all catered for and had a great time. (thanks for the tips on the Limerick nightlife too!)"

James Byrne - Wexford

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